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RD App: Usagi Takuma by CrazilyJo RD App: Usagi Takuma by CrazilyJo

Usagi Takuma









Weapon Choice:

A horribly drawn Knife :iconmingplz:

Opinion On What Is Happening:

Usagi still believes that this whole thing is just a nightmare. So he might not takes things too seriously but he will be cautious. Or he's just too stubborn to believe that this whole this is real and just doesn't want it to be real.


Younger brother (Akatsuki)- He finds his brother extremely annoying and stupid but he still loves him although he would never tell him that.

Mother- To him he believe shes just crazy, for the fact that she believes in ghost, bad luck, etc.

Father- He doesn't really see much of his father since he's always at work.


Hot headed|Skeptical|Loner|Stubborn|Tsundere|Coward

Usagi is extremely hot headed, it doesn't take much to anger him or annoy him but because if this he can act extremely rashly and do things without thinking or using his head. He doesn't believe in much things like ghosts and bad omens, he just thinks they are things to just scare people and believes that people who do believe in them are idiots. He likes his time alone since he has trust issues, even before he came into the game he had trust issues since he was always bullied because of his name he doesn't think anyone is good , he rather be alone and rather try to avoid people but there’s nothing he can do if you are the one to go up to him and be all around him. Once he believes somethings its practically impossible to change his mind otherwise. He may seem sometimes uncaring and just plain horrible but it’s only to protect himself from cruelty of others. Think of it as self defense. He may seem brave but he's quite the opposite of that.A lot of things scare him but he'd never show you like the fact he likes to be with people when scared but cause of his pride and stubbornness he's never admit it.

Likes/ Dislikes:

+ Winning
+ Being alone
+ Fun games
+ His Xbox 360
+ Sleeping in
+ Strawberries

- People
- over the top happy people
- hearing small noises at night
- frustrating games
- people who don't know when to leave him alone
- Showing weakness


When Usagi was younger he never used to be like he was, he used to have fun with his little brother, he used to trust people, he was always positive. However those were only the innocent days. When Usagi went to school he always thought that this would his chance to make friends the same age as him. He loved hanging with his brother and everything but they couldn't do that forever.

He thought that it could be easy but highschool was never easy, all the kids used to make fun of him because of his name, although it wasn't his fault that he had that name. They would constantly pick on him and push him about, he would always tell the teacher but they never believed him because the kids just pretend to act innocent. He suffered through the constant bullying until he turned 16. He still had hope of finding friends and being apart of something.

It was lunch and always Usagi used to go out onto the field where barely any of the students would go so it was a perfect place to eat, not like anyone would let him sit with them. Then suddenly three boys were walking on the field walking towards usagi probably the same age as Usagi or a little older. . What were they doing? Perhaps maybe they wanted to be friends as he stood up smiling at them. However they started to circle him.

"Well, well, well. Look what we've found." the first boy glanced at Usagi with a predator look.

"It looks like we've found ourselfs a little "Rabbit".

They all chuckled darkly, as Usagi stepped back, something wasn't right about these guys. He started walking back some more when he bumped into the third boy as he grabbed Usagi from behind and the second boy helping the other hold on him.

"Wh-what are you guys doing?!"

He struggled as much as he could as the third boy walked over to him and loomed over Usagi.

"How about we
teach this little Bunny where his place belongs?"

The boy started to beat Usagi until his face was all bloody and bruised as he slouched there looking terrified.

"Aww, he looks so cute scared. Just like a real Bunny.

"Hmm... Perhaps that wasn't enough. Perhaps we need to teach this little Bunny a different way~ Lucky for you, I like bunnys." The boy smirked and licked his lips.

After all the boys had they fair share of fun with him, Usagi just laid there. How could he be so dumb... Why did everyone treat him so badly. From that day on he became caution of the people he met he didn't trust anyone. He became less close to his family and brother and just everyone. He locked himself off from the world. No one could enter. He wouldn't let them.

A year later of constant abuse from everyone at school he got a message on his phone. It was a game. Of course with a hanging bunny, obviously someone sent him this as a suggestion to perhaps kill himself. Well... He might as well play there stupid game, he hadn't much to lose as he pressed 'yes'. Oh, his surprise when he ended up in a place he never knew. He thought to himself that it could be worse as he began to play the game.


- The Rabbit on his phone is a representation of himself since it has his natural hair colour with some blue.

- Dyed his hair with blue because he thought it would look cool.

- His name is Ironic since in Japanese Usagi means 'Bunny' or 'Rabbit'

- His phone ringtone:…

- Used to do acrobatics, so his good with flips.

Usagi (c) :iconcrazilyjo:
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